Monday, April 18, 2016

Podcast Suggestion: Myths and Legends Podcast

radioThe Myths and Legends Podcast is becoming one of my favorites. The host, Jason, researches a myth, legend, or fairy tale and tells it during the podcast with some background information for color before, during and after.

He tells the story like that, a story and it's fun and engaging. He's got a good sense of timing and knows when to interject an observation or comment for the modern listener.

He has chosen both stories I thought I was familiar with, and stories I've never heard of and I find both interesting and they hold my attention. He's an excellent story teller in retelling these stories to a modern audience he doesn't forget, or allow us to forget their source and that he's aware of how ridiculous some of the stuff sounds, talking animals again, nobody questions this? Without making fun of or belittling the story or the people who told it. The episodes are short, only a half hour or so I think, and they go quickly. Some are longer than can be managed in half an hour, like the King Arthur story, and it is done in multiple parts. Several of them are that way, but they can stand alone if they needed to because you had a long gap when you didn't listen.

The first few podcast episodes didn't include the mythical monster of the week but later on he added that feature and I like it. Oddly, my favorite was on the Australian Drop Bear and it was listener(s) submitted.

If you have at least a half-hour drive you do on the regular give the Myths and Legends Podcast a try. If you like it tell a friend.
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