Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Memoir Fodder 00: The premise

At work the other night it occurred to me that with the paucity of letters from my youth when I am famous later in life the biographers will lack good information on the early years to flesh out the pages of my biography. My intention here is to write down what memories I have of the early years.

Some of my memories may be memories of stories I was told by other people. I'm going to try and stick with what I remember. The thing with old memories is they are not really reliable sometimes. There are some things I only have a vague feeling about but don't remember much else.

For example: I remember seeing Bambi in the theater but don't remember anything about it except the big fire scene. I don't remember being sad the mother died, spoiler(?), but I remember the awesome terribleness of the fire. I don't remember it being something I was afraid of as much something that was terrible and awful (as in full of awe). That's not much of a memory really, but it's what I've got to work with sometimes. I'll try and be a little more interesting in my tidbits that I share.

My plan is to talk about:
  • Mount Vernon - 1976 (?)
  • Citronelle school & summers, two posts probably.
  • Growing up in Southern Alabama in the '70s
  • Germany arrival & getting used to another country
  • Germany touring favorites
I don't expect anyone will think of this as terribly interesting but I do think it would be cool for other people to do the same thing. C'mon, talk about your childhood before you get old and feeble and forget it.

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