Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today I ran...

Three days of running so far... not consecutive, but three times in a row, and on schedule.

I hope this is the beginning of a habit. Today's treadmill distance was much further than the previous one. I need to find out what good 5k running speeds are, and what a good 'brisk walk' speed is. I suspect I'm running too slow and walking too fast.

One of the things I'm missing due to running is computer time. I might very well work on getting my book on the treadmill with me so that I can combine running and reading on the treadmill so I can use some of my reading time for computer time. I'm not sure, but I've got to do something, as my running time increases I'm going to need to find more time in the day! Perhaps my newly highly oxygenated blood will increase my productivity to the point where I'm faster at everything I do so I won't need as much time.
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