Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Running Again

I'm running again as part of my SparkPeople commitment to myself.
Today it was raining and I looked out the window at the rain splashing on the sidewalk. I stood in the kitchen in my running clothes and thought, "I can run tonight after work." Then I ate breakfast, had a cup of coffee and stared into the rain some more.
And then I ran.
I didn't set any records. I didn't even do as well distance-wise as I did the day before yesterday. But I ran and that was my goal. I'm typing this wet.
I'm supposed to do some other exercises today, crunches, push-ups, that sort of thing. Upper-body stuff. That's not going to happen. Maybe in a few days... more likely after released by the doctor. If he really IS a doctor. It's a workman's comp doctor. I should never have said it happened at work. I've got insurance and I could have seen a doctor who wanted to a) figure out what was wrong and b) fix it. Instead I have a doctor who said, and this is a quote, "That's impossible." He then said take Aleve for a week and come back. He literally, if I held his family over a vat of acid and asked him to tell me whether the tattoo on that shoulder was tribal or colored or if I had a tattoo on that shoulder at all would have no idea. He NEVER LOOKED AT IT.
You know why people sue companies? It's not just for the free money. It's because when they send them to corporate health clinics instead of letting them go to their doctor, they get sub-standard care and are treated like they're trying to get off work with pay. I've got almost 200 hours vacation in my vacation bank. I don't need a doctor's note to get time off work. I need a vacation request form and I can print those out myself. When I'm treated like a criminal it makes me angry.
Originally I went to the doctor to identify what was causing the pain and I want it to stop. Instead I was told I couldn't be having it and to take Aleve. When I pointed out to the doctor that my regular doctor had told me not to take NSAIDs he said, "He didn't mean this one." No kidding. That's what he said. I pointed out that this wasn't a general thing he said like quit smoking, lose weight, eat more vegetables, he'd indicated I had degraded kidney function and NSAID's weren't going to help with that. The pseudo-doctor said, "He meant for prolonged periods. This is only for a week." I sat up straighter. "A week? That IS a long time. It says not to take it longer than a few days unless told to by a doctor on it." He responded that he WAS a doctor. I gave him a raised eyebrow.
I got back to work and sent an e-mail asking for another medical alternative because this guy is an idiot. I don't care who you are, even Doctor House has to see the thing he's diagnosing... or at least one of his interns does and they tell him about it. My doctor saw my shirt. He never asked me to move it to identify range of motion. He massaged it and said "That's impossible."
So, we'll see... but honestly. I understand why people sue sometimes. It's not just for the free money. It's because when I'm in pain and want it to stop I don't want the doctor to tell me it's impossible and then ignore me when I tell him the medicine he's giving me is one I was told not to take. I want him to TRY to diagnose. I want him to TRY to tell me what's wrong and how he plans to fix it. NOT tell me it's impossible and take Aleve. If anything really is wrong, he deserves to be sued to death for not listening to his patient... that'd be me.
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