Saturday, June 18, 2011


Finishing up my mini-vacation and my parents were here so that was really nice. They'd driven here from my sister's place in Oregon (where they saw their grand-daughter, my niece), stopping by Yellowstone to see my other sister and her family who were vacationing there (with my nephew, Mom & Dad's grandson... as you can see each sister had a kid, and now there is one of each gender, meaning I'm free to NOT make a baby! Woot! Woot!). By the time they made it here they'd been on the road for I think most of a month and they were bearing up very well. Dad had some sort of bug that's going around here even. Some June-fever-crud thing that kicks your butt for a few days and then goes away. If you get it... you didn't get it from me. I haven't gotten it!
We went to The Iowa Machine Shed in Des Moines, home of the giant football-sized cinnamon roll you see in this picture here. Three of us ate on it, but we didn't finish. We could have... we chose not to out of respect for our bodies. :) Damn our good decisions lol! We went to Living History Farms too. There are some pictures over on my flickr site if you're interested. It reminded me of an outdoor museum I went to in Holland as a kid. The re-enactors, I can't remember what they called them, but they were really good and friendly and helpful. If you're in Des Moines it's worth a visit.
They left this morning, Saturday, and I was sorry to see them go. While they were at the house though it was so obvious this apple hadn't fallen far from the tree. After breakfast the three of us, Mom, Dad, and I, were all out on the back patio with coffee and our kindles reading and enjoying the morning cool before we got on with our day. Before they left I showed Mom how to set up a blog here on blogger. Once she gets her blogger legs under her I'll link to her officially if she wants. Of course I set up a link to ME from her for some link-fu lol.
And so tonight I went to see Green Lantern at the theater (Don't bother with 3D. I don't remember anything in it that was 3D enhanced other than the price) and when I got home I watched Justin Bieber's Never Say Never and it was surprisingly good. I know there's a lot of haters out there. But I liked it. So there. :P
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