Tuesday, July 05, 2011


You ever watch The New Adventures of Old Christine? I love it. She is funny to me. Julie Louis Dreyfuss or whatever... I love her in that role. I remind me of her sometimes.

So, I'm paranoid of being perceived as racist. I'm a blond, middle-aged, white guy. If anybody fits the stereo-type of a racist or The Man... it's me. I failed to mention I'm in amazing shape, stunningly good looking, and have trophy wives on each arm... the reason I failed to mention is it that none of that is true. Middle aged white guy with blond hair, that's true. Paranoid about being perceived as racist, also true.

I ALWAYS lock my car. I've talked about this before... but I can't find where. Maybe it was on facebook.

I pull up to a friend's house and across the street a non-white couple with 2 kids lives. We've chatted in passing and we know each other well enough to wave and say "Hey." That's about it. The day in question there were about a dozen non-white kids in the yard and their parents on the sidewalk as I pulled up. I got out and looked at them and waved to the two people I knew and they waved back... then I was about to put the key in the door and lock it, AS I ALWAYS DO (so I won't lock my keys in the car)... when I froze... oh crap. They're going to think I'm locking the door because of all those non-blondes over there! So. I didn't lock the car. I was only going to be gone like 3 minutes. It wound up being more like five.  While I was gone half the kids and all the adults left.

I was half way down the block before I realized my ipod, previously in the passenger seat, was gone. SONOFA#*&^@!!!! See! This is what I get for being sensitive to what other ppl think! I get screwed! Now, it's not because of the race of the kids that the ipod is gone. It's because there were a half dozen of them, unattended, and I'd left them a crime of opportunity. Dammit! If I'd locked the door I'd still have my ipod. Now I have a steaming pile of nothing.

So, from now on... locking the door. If they get their feelings hurt they can pitch a fit. But I had my ipod stolen dangit! Those things aren't cheap. I'm still pissed about it.
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