Monday, September 10, 2012

Edit Done -- Now off to the editor

I’ve done all the editing I can think of and had help from friends and family for it. I’m going to make one more pass through it and then I’m sending the book off to the editor.
I think it’s already better than it was when I started editing. No. That’s not true. I know it’s better than it was before. It’s tighter and I think I explained the things that needed explaining and cut the stuff that distracted. I’m pretty proud of the story as it stands.
I’m nervous and curious about what it will look like after the editor is done with it. I see two choices. It will either be as much better after she’s done with it as it is after this first round of editing which will make it from good to WooHoo! Or she’ll take one look at it, gasp at the greatness of my beta reader’s perception and our uncanny editorial skills and fall to her knees and say, “YES! Finally a writer worthy of my talents!” Then she’ll fix a word that needed a hyphen I left out and send it back to me with exhortations of my greatness. :)
I’m not holding my breath for the second one.
In truth I was curious how I’d respond to people saying they’d found errors in my work and so far I’ve been very appreciative and grateful for their help. My beta-readers have been doing a lot of work to help me make the story better. I can’t thank them enough.
I’d like to thank Allen, April, Carol, Chris, Deborah, John, and Kit. All of them helped me at some point between my writing “The End” and the one I’m sending off to the editor this week.
I can’t stop being excited about having an editor either by the way. Who’d have thought I’d be excited to pay for a person to tell me what I’ve done wrong? All my friends out there willing to do it for free and I’m glutton enough to pay someone else to do it some more.
It just occurred to me I need a cover still!
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