Sunday, February 16, 2014

Different managers/Different types

In the many years I've worked for other people:

  • I've had managers I respected so I did what they asked because I knew it was the right thing to do. I trusted them and knew if I did what they asked something positive would come out of it that would help us all. 
  • I've had managers I liked and I did what they asked because I hoped they'd like me back. That whole weird striving for approval through hard work thing. Yeah, I grew out of that. I mean I still work hard. I just mean I don't do it hoping they'll like me for it. I could give two figs if they like me, just appreciate that I work hard and am a good worker. Like me? Don't care.
and finally
  • I've had managers I did what they asked to get them to STOP TALKING TO ME. I'll do it. Please, just shut up. I can't stand hearing your voice. Every word you say is like a nail through my ears. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHUT UP! I'm doing it. See, working. Now, go away, bother someone else! Oh God, my ears are bleeding. Make them stop talking to me!!! 
Some management styles are more effective than others, and some I think are more sought after than others. But I still think the respect one is the best one. Sure, they all get the job done, but the respect one gets it done more consistently.

So, now people I've worked with and for are all going to try and figure out where they are on the list. Obviously I didn't include every type of manager on here, and not everybody is purely one of the three here, and some of them aren't at my longest job so don't think they're all you. They probably aren't. Well, unless you're the one that prompted me to kick the bathroom door. You,  I just wanted to STOP TALKING!!! 

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