Thursday, February 20, 2014

Food Review: Stouffer's fettuccini alfredo

It never does look as pictured does it?

This is the fettuccini alfredo I was initially asked to try first and I avoided it because it didn't have chicken or broccoli in it and I like both.

If alfredo is going to be bad it should at least be filling.

This wasn't filling enough. My guess is the plate pictured here, the one on the box, on the left, was a saucer. It would take two of these to fill me up and I don’t eat a lot normally. It wasn't terribly filling. What it was was... boring. The sauce didn't have enough pepper or garlic but it was creamy, and there was a lot of it. The noodles weren't swimming in sauce. The sauce was too thick for that. It was really thick and creamy and there was enough of it to get a healthy amount in each bite. I liked that. After I chewed the bite though, it didn't need a LOT of chewing, the noodles were a little over cooked and I’m not sure if that was my cooking or the noodles themselves.

I’ve definitely had less mushy noodles, after I chewed the bite the creamy sauce and that was the flavor and the texture. It was thick and creamy. It clung to the noodles well. There wasn't any sort of strong cheese flavor or any of the spices I associate with good alfredo sauce. It was just creamy. Good texture, but not a strong flavor. There was an after flavor though that I can only describe as watery. It happened after every bite. I felt like I’d just eaten bread dipped in water. That feeling your mouth gets that it’s just eaten something too saturated with water. I wonder if it was a result of the noodles being over-cooked? I don’t know. It wasn't a bad flavor. It was just odd.

Would I eat it again? Sure. If someone else bought it. I wouldn’t buy it on purpose though. It wasn't filling enough to buy on purpose and I’ve had better sauces and the lack of the chicken left me wanting more too. This wouldn’t be a bad starter alfredo if you had pepper, maybe some garlic powder, you know, garlic oil would be better, just a little bit stirred in would have helped. A chicken breast would have helped lots too. Have I mentioned it left me hungry?
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