Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Review: Alpha Defense Gear Jacket

After the complete crapstorm that was geek hoodies, no link provided because I can't find a single person who has had a good experience with them and find SCORES of complaints about substandard product shipped months late, I was hesitant to buy clothes online again. I like to hold clothes in my hands, look at the seams, look at the quality, make sure I'm not buying some piece of crap that takes 71 days to get to me. (Can you tell GeekHoodies left a sour taste in my mouth? I really can't say enough bad things about the experience I had with them.)

But I saw Alpha Defense Gear and thought I'd give them a try. This time I looked at reviews and they were good. What I was looking at was the Alpha Defense Poly-Tech Soft Shell Jacket but I didn't want to jump into an eighty dollar jacket without seeing the quality and speed of their products. So, I did a test order of some face shields. They arrived in about a week and are really nice... REALLY nice. So, while I thought about it I got a coupon for a Jacket, a t-shirt, some face shields, and a baseball cap for less than the cost of the jacket. Well, I bought it and crossed my fingers.

I needn't have worried. It arrived in about a week. The build quality was outstanding. Today was nice out, 49F and 11mph winds so I went for a walk with the new jacket and it was great. It blocked the wind and kept me super warm. Keeping the wind off me was a big help. Now, it's not a jacket that "breathes" so don't wear it running. Jackets that breathe, and I have one, are great if it's not windy. Wind cuts right through those breathing jackets. This jacket is a wind stopper. A brisk walk, really brisk walk, a jog to some people, had me warm and the jacket kept the wind off me perfectly. I could zip & unzip it to moderate the temperature and I was really happy with it.

The zippers and zipper pulls seem well made and are stylish as well. You can't go wrong with this company or this Alpha Defense Poly-Tech Soft Shell Jacket. Huge fan.

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